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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 16, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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people, in other words, where is the check and balance here? who checks the use of executive authority and power if the president oversteps those bounds? >> depends on he oversteps them. if he oversteps them, for example, by purporting to bring prisoners from guantanamo when congress said he may not and he may not use federal funds to do that, i would suggest that that would present a case that could go to court and that could be stopped. >> sean: why couldn't it be-- couldn't get the dream act passed through congress and does it through executive fiat. why doesn't at that bother you? because that does not seem to respect the co-equal branches. >> it bothers me. it it doesn't bother me in the sense that i think you could make a court case out of it. not everything that bothers me is the subject of litigation. >> sean: well. >> if it were the courts would be very busy. >> sean: it seems like an abuse of power. >> it is. >> sean: all right. we're kind of like-- >> it's a. >> sean: perpendicular-- >> abuse of power, all right,
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thank you. >> sean: appreciate your insights and that's all the time we have this evening. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next on the record. take it away. >> tonight, using children as weapons? are both sides using children as political pawns in the gun fight? laura i think graham is here to talk about that. "on the record" starts right now. >> i've been watching the children as human shields show. >> four of them are here today. >> the president starts out reading some letters from the kids. >> these are some pretty smart letters from pretty smart young people. >> got to do what the kids want and answer all of their letters to santa claus, do everything they want. >> the implication of all this if you don't sign on president's proposals are somehow are not treating these children or standing behind them with due respect. that's what i find offensive. >> if there's even one thing
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we could do to reduce this violence, if there's even one life that can be saved, we've got an obligation to try. >> and so here comes the regime with 23 executive action toss reduce gun violence. yea, and a bunch of little kids up there who are offered up as insurance policies and who could deny the children? >> her harrowing story of abuse and imprisonment gripped our area 20 years ago this week. she was just nine when she was kidnapped, held prisoner in a basement dungeon and abused for 17 days. >> (inaudible) >> the defendant's behavior was premeditated and selfish and outrageous, he literally deserves a punitive sentence mandated by his convention. >> today she's a working mom, wife and author having written
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a book about her infamous ordeal. >> something to keep an eye on, al-qaeda group claimed to have seized 41 hostages, many of them westerners. >> the best information that we have at this time is that u.s. citizens are among the hostages. >> if anybody needed any evidence, the war on terror is not over, osama bin laden may be dead, but al-qaeda has spread throughout north africa, throughout the arabian peninsula, the terrorists are still out there and they're still after the west. >> all that and much more in minutes, but first, the white house is fuming at the n.r.a. for using the president's children in its latest ad, but today, president obama surrounded himself with other people's children for his gun control announcement. so, is there a double standard here or not? we spoke to fox news analyst laura ingraham. nice to see you. >> good to see you. >> today the president had a press conference and the children behind him. >> wall paper children, yeah, it's always quite a dramatic show when the president wants
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to put on a choreographed moment and obviously, the kids suffered enormously and their parents brought them, but i don't know. something about involving children in a conversation about guns and murder to me seems -- that's a tough one. >> welsh the white house is also upset with the n.r.a., while the white house used the children to stage the-- they're upset with the n.r.a. the n.r.a. has a new ad out. >> yeah. >> in which they talk about the president's children having security at their school and jay carney said it was repugnant and cowardly what the n.r.a. did. most americans agree that the president's children should not be used as pawns. >> and obamas used reference toss their own children when it came to the bp oil spill, when it came to health care, referred to our daughter's illnesses, when we were talking about the anti-obesity bush and michelle obama talked about her daughter's bmi being too high. the problem is, the president at the beginning had a goal of keeping kids out of politics,
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that's a laudable goal and worthy goal. i think he's right about that. the problem is the president when his back was up against the wall issue after issue used references to his other children and as so many other politicians did, use children period and he did that today. the n.r.a. point is about it's a double standard. the obama daughters get protection, of course they get protection, that's not revealing any substantive information, but why shouldn't other families get the same type of protection for their children, not secret service people, but gun protection or self-defense. i think that's the point they were trying to make. >> any objection for the presidents and republicans and democrats have been used for photo opes and the children, and i've seen the president stand up with soldiers, injured soldiers. >> the children of injured soldiers i know bush has probably done that as well, but something about pushing legislation though and implication and marco rubio made the point on my radio show today, the implication is you don't sign onto the
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president's proposals, you somehow are not treating the children or standing behind him with due respect. that's what i find offensive. that's the implicit message here. these children are with me. are you against the children? and that's where i think-- >> i think he's originally right when he said that kids really shouldn't be part of the political discussion. leave, now, kids out of it. >> the whole gun control debate has fired up everybody, but the president said today, if i quote him correctly, that anyone who disagrees new gun law opponents want to gin up fear or higher ratings or revenue. is there room for a fear disagreeing with the president or some of the things he did not all of them, is there room with this president? >> i don't think so. he talked about the republican friendly media the other day. obviously, he's talking about talk radio and maybe fox and other websites. this is what he routinely does. rather than have a real conversation, and say, look, i think there are a lot of complicated issues involved here, maybe part gun, maybe part hollywood, maybe part
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breakdown of the family, let's have a national conversation about this. instead, it's my opponents don't care about the poor children who are suffering, they're not reading the letters that i'm reading, they don't really care and in fact, it's all about their ratings. well, people who believe in the second amendment dearly they happen to have heartfelt views, maybe he disagrees, that's his right, but they shouldn't be demonized. >> one thing i was troubled about today, i don't want another study on this. if there's another study. >> 500 million dollars total was spent. >> if people don't know this is a serious problem i don't know what more they need to do. pick up the newspaper and see the death and destruction, whether it's the poor 20 children in newtown and the adults and their families. why do we need a study. >> we've got to do something, we keep hearing we've got to do something. i don't know, there are limits what you can do, frankly, there are limits. localities and school districts they're taking their own problems and determining
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the passage for the safety of their students and children. and i think it's a state by state issue. the president wants everyone to think, look, he cares, he's doing something and i think in the end, greta, like the center for disease control study on the different gun bans, they showed that not really one gun control measure had much effect on violence. this is a societal problem and a deep problem in society. >> i think we've become numb to violence-- >> from on down. >> whether it's hollywood or getting guns in the wrong people's hand or whatever it is, but it's the idea that we're going to commission a study somehow that's going to do it. >> 500 million bucks, all the president's proposals will cost, greta, in they're implementation. >> i posted on gret w greta wirf the hollywood organization.
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>>, they're ready to have a conversation, i don't want any more conversations. start looking at yourself and see if you're satisfied with what you're putting out there. >> greta, i think that politicians and very wealthy people all around this country, the elites in hollywood, they have entire security apparatuses, security forces surrounding them. t the regular people of the country deserve to protect themselves and not be demonized. >> how is the radio show? >> it's fun. you're an entrepreneur and writing greta wire all the time and the content that you produce i think is so important and especially for women and entrepreneurs. owning your own stuff is it really great and we're doing a lot of tough with digital i think is important along with terrestrial radio a wave of the future and people can listen to the show anytime they want. it's cool. great to see you. >> nice to see you. okay, do you agree with laura ingraham when she says the president used the children as wall paper, or is she off the mark on this one? go to right now
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and tell us. and this is a fox news alert, americans held hostage in algeria right now, an al-qaeda linked group still holding 41 hostages, including seven americans. the militant group took hostages after attacking a natural gas field in southern algeria. the attack appears to be revenge for the the french intervention in mali. and the reporter is in algeria with the latest. tell me, is there any update on whether or not these hostages will be released? >> no, as of right now, they're still kept in the bases of the area, in the south of algeria, they're still there. basically the minister of the interior, cabria, gave a press release early this morning, but they don't want to negotiate with them, and they still kept the 41 hostages within the area and the
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algeria army if they intervene, they will kill everyone. >> have the hostage takers, first of all, who are they? secondly, have they said what they want? what it will take to release those hostages? >> oh, what they want right now, according to the minister, they want to leave algeria through libya, because they're not far from the border and they want to leave with the hostages. so, the algerians have refused to negotiate and the situation is really in a big stance because they want to kill the whole hostages in case of any, any intervention from the algerian forces. so up till now, the group is called-- it belongs to al-qaeda, and the leader is very well-known algerian terrorist and during the last decades, during the '90s, kidnapping of the companies of algeria. and nickname lawa. he's very, very well-known in
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the area and grown up in the desert and knows well the sahar ra and desert and it's complicated situation up to now and no update from any social sites. >> why do they want to take the hostages to libya? why that? >> they want to make more pressure on the algerian government. they want to take-- much better-- >> and why did they take them in the first place? was this in relation to the french flying over algeria to mali? >> very, absolutely. they want take algeria and the algeria president. and the americans are among the group of many nationals? >> yeah, they want to put more pressure on the algerian government and why they took the americans and everyone and japanese and norwegians within the group. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and tonight, what might be
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political funny business that you won't find particularly funny, the associated press reporting that washington put off the illegal immigration and he was working for menendez. she broke the story and joins us. >> nice to see you. >> when the story first broke about two months ago, it was unclear why the arrest wasn't and then-- of the illegal in senator menendez's office. what have you learned since. >> internal ice documents provided to the senate judiciary committee shows when the office learned who the man was, they went up the food chain to their bosses and said there could be significant congressional inquiry and attention from the media that prompted washington ice to delay-- to order the arrest delayed
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and they indicated, let's figure out what to do, given the new circumstances. they were sent the local ice officials, they he were set to arrest this young man at the local prosecutor's office in late october. that of course did not happen. he wasn't arrested until december 6th and the progression is they notified their bosses, the bosses say, hold on, and we have a source, a u.s. official who said the department of homeland security ordered ice to delay that arrest until after the election. >> do you know specifically, as you reported specifically who that person was who made the decision to hold off on the arrest of this illegal intern in the centsenator's offe until after the election. >> no, i don't have, a piece of the puzzle i don't have yet and internal documents don't provide specific names, just the time trail, if you will, of when particular events occurred. >> why was it-- what made him illegal? >> he had arrived in the united states in the '90s on a visitor visa that allowed him
10:15 pm
to stay in the country for six months, and he overstayed that visa, as many do. the problem of visa overstays as you well know is one that's become a tricky issue. the department is trying to go back and figure out who is in the country based on these expired overstays of visas, and this is one of those situations where this young man arrived in florida in the '90s with his family and overstayed that visa. >> does he have any criminal history? >> he does,'s a registered sex offender in the state of new jersey. accused at 15 of molesting an eight-year-old, at least eight times, was sentence today two years probation and required to register as a sex offender and that persists after he turned 18, he's currently 18, despite the juvenile arrest. >> now, i know that senator grassley is trying to get this information as well. do you know if he's trying to get the name of the government official who said hold off on making this arrest until after the election? >> i haven't spoken directly to the senator. i assume that that's his
10:16 pm
effort. certainly, it's an effort i've made. i've not been successful as i've said, but exactly what passed, he's taking in what path his investigators are taking, i couldn't say. >> you've been sticking on it and you've been aggressive and following it for two months and pushing this one. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, you're not going to believe this one, we can hardly believe it ourselves. and a notre dame football stair is at the center of a hoax, a big hoax, you'll hear the wild story next. and payroll taxes going up across the board, but a governor has a plan to eliminate his state income taxes, is he the governor of your state? he's hear. did you hear what former president bill clinton said about his wife, secretary of about his wife, secretary of state hilililililil [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds.
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>> it does not get any stranger than this one. notre dame football star manti teo and a giant hoax. it was rocking the sports record world. they learned that his grandmother and his girlfriend died in the the same week. >> and here is manti teo you lost your grandmother and your girlfriend. how are your emotions. >> they're with me, and i couldn't do without them and the support of my family and my girlfriend's family, and i'm just so grateful for the love and the support that all the fans at state and notre dame and the world for supporting me and my family
10:21 pm
and my girlfriend's family and i'll miss them, miss them, but i know i'll see them again one day. >> greta: okay, sad story, but, what's the problem? >> manti's girlfriend did not die the same week as his grandmother because she doesn't exist and she didn't exist. fox senior writer peter schrader is here. what's the story behind the hoax? >> greta, i've covered hundreds of stories, thousands of stories and never come across anything as crazy as this. the story goes in 2009 he apparently met a girl after a stanford versus notre dame game and they started a relationship and as we hear, in september. she dies, passed away of leukemia, the same day as his grandmother, well, sure enough we find out today in dead report, that she didn't exist. they did some research and there never was a girlfriend. well, we're saying what's that all about? notre dame did an
10:22 pm
investigation and learned about it on december 26th and saying, he was hoaxed,part of an internet hoax and goes back and said he never technically met this girl in person, he met her online, and this is a large web of lies and they have he' bebeen using the web o lies. a crazy story. notre dame football team used the story of his girlfriend passing away as inspiration of undefeated season and all for naught, doesn't exist and there's no girl and he's embarrassed and put out a press release and saying i'm mortified and it's embarrassed someone would do this to me and there are skeptics saying there are questions, maybe he was a part of this and that's what dead spin was indicating. we'll see how it plays out. i don't know all the facts, but it's the wildest story i've ever covered. >> greta: if there was a girlfriend he met at stanford game in 2009, and they're boyfriend-girlfriend until supposed death in december of 2012, hadn't he ever met her
10:23 pm
at that point? and he's calling her a girlfriend. are we sure he was that part of the story is rooted in reality? >> now, the athletic director at notre dame came out at 8 p.m. eastern today, and he spoke on it and he said they met, but they never met in person. so maybe he was he embarrassed and created the fact in 2009. we don't know. and the end of the comments he said i'll leave that for manti te'o to say. and a crazy story out of south bend. >> greta: why did they get exposed or come to life? >> dead spin is a watch dog journalism site and they got several tips from readers you might want to dig. this is what's crazy. sports illustrated had a feature about this, and espn did all of these specials about this, a lot of credible journalistic units that did stories about this and manti
10:24 pm
te'o told the story to them and here dead spin comes out and kind of viewed as a rogue site. here is our investigation, there was no funeral, no girl, no parents of the girl. why didn't anyone fact check this. say to the journalist, if a 21-year-old guy tells me his girlfriend, am i supposed to go to the funeral and the corpse and why would say dead spin report to check the facts. >> greta: the plot thickens on this one and we'll see what comes up. >> this blows lance armstrong out of the water. >> greta: this is the best thing that happened to lance armstrong, this should be his hero. >> send a letter to manti te'o, thank you, greta. >> greta: the ceo of whole foods is now blasting president obama. john mackie comparing the president's health care law to fascism and says that the coverage requirements are adding new and unfair costs to businesses and tomorrow, right
10:25 pm
here, john mackie, 10 p.m. eastern, you do not want to miss that. and up next, you don't see this in the courtroom every day. what did the jury just do in the trial of the young woman accused of slitting her boyfriend's throat in the shower? you'll go into the courtroom next. and also the absolute unthinkable, a little girl locked in a dungeon for 17 days by a very horrible man. for 20 years that little girl could not talk about what happened to her in the 17 ugly days in the dungeon, but now ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] let's take every drop of courage, every ounce of inspiration, every bit of determination, and go where we've never gone before. ♪ introducing the radically new avalon.
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>> today, the jodi arias murder trial. jurors got to ask questions. not all states allow jurors to ask questions, but arizona does. and jurors had questions for the detective who investigated the murder of arias' ex-boyfriend. the lead detective. >> have a question for you. were there any sets of knives that appeared to be missing a knife? >> no, we didn't find anything like that. >> was the gun that was used to kill mr. alexander found in miss area's possession. >> no, it was not. >> when you personally interviewed mr. alexander's roommate was there ever the mention of their concern for his extended absence june 4
10:30 pm
through june 9? >> no, they believed he was in mexico already, they didn't know his schedule. >> what were the alibis given by those roommates? >> one was working and the other was actually staying at his girlfriend's home and they were house sitting for her parents. >> greta: the anchor troy hayden is live. i love juror questions, but tell me the thoughts on the juror questions today? >> they were a shock tower all of us, because we've been sitting in there and listening to the testimony for the last couple of weeks, and damning against jodi arias, all the lies caught on videotapes, the pictures that put her on the crime scene when she denied it over and over again, the bloody palm print on the wall and as you said here in arizona the jurors once the attorneys are finished with the witnesses can ask their question hes and put them on a slip of paper and when the judge starts reading things
10:31 pm
about roommates, the alibi of the roommates, have you fingerprinted the roommates, what's the roommates reaction? everybody was like what? where did that come from and jodi arias got kind of big, they're talking about roommates and not talking about me. and i know you've spent in courtroom and i don't know what you're thinking of, but is there one juror sitting there thinking i'm not sure if she did this. >> was is one juror asking the questions or closed so you couldn't tell four or five different jurors asking the questions? >> i didn't see-- sometimes they'll put their hands up, in this case they were in a little basket, the pieces of paper. who knows if they came from multiple jurors, but seemed like they were on the same line, i would assume, an assumption at this point they came from the same person o that same line of questions, how who know. >> why the june 4th to june 9th aspect and time period? >> this is weird because travis alexander was murdered on june 4th, he had roommates, in his house, from june 4th to june 9th, they had no idea
10:32 pm
that he had been killed. his body was in the shower, his door was closed and locked, and somebody who came over on june 9th opened up the house and said, man, this house really smells, what's going on here? and at that point they went into the room and discovered travis, a lot of people said, how come his roommates couldn't smell it they were in that house for five days with his body and had no idea? those are questions that came out. >> greta: it's actually getting more intriguing by the day. troy, i assume you'll be back tomorrow night and who knows what's going to happen tomorrow night. thank you, troy. >> see you, greta. >> greta: and yes, your federal payroll taxes just went up, but you might have good news if you live in either louisiana or nebraska because both republican governors of those two states are trying to get rid of their state's personal and corporate income taxes. nebraska's governor joins us tonight. nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you, greta. >> greta: fworn, i imagine that many of your citizens, at least some of them were happy
10:33 pm
to see you want to get rid of your state income tax and your corporate tax. where do you intend to get revenue to run your state? >> well, greta, the way we're going to do it, again, we're proposing elimination of the individual income tax and corporate income tax and the income is going to come by repealing some of the sales tax exemptions that we've granted to businesses over the years and i've had many conversations with them. they're looking for a simpler and fairer tax code and again, people in my state are pretty excited about the idea that we could eliminate the individual income tax. >> greta: i imagine though if you're taking advantage of that sales exemption tax you're not going to be particularly fond of this idea. how are you going to convince those people it's a good idea? >> well, that's the challenge we have, but again, many of these were implemented four or five decades ago. we have a different economic environment then and again, as i talk to business leaders, they said, you know what? if you can make it simpler and
10:34 pm
fairer we're willing to go through at that process. it's not going to be easy, but again, the bigger picture here, we can be more attractive for jobs and higher paying jobs if we don't have an individual income tax and a corporate income tax. >> greta: all right, as i understand it, your personal income tax in your state is 6.8%, is that about right? >> that's about right. and that's what your small businesses would pay, and that's simply too high. >> greta: all right, and do you have a democratic legislature or a republican? 'cause that will make a big difference whether or not you get your program put through or not. >> well, as you know, in nebraska we have quoted nonpartisan legislature, but we do have more republicans than democrats and again, i think they'll listen to the citizens of our state and we're going to work very , very hard to get if implemented. >> greta: in terms of your income tax, have you looked at the neighboring states?
10:35 pm
and that's what a lot of governors are doing, trying to game each other and what the other states are doing, and what makes you competitive, and not competitive, the tax rate of your neighbors. how do you compare to your neighbors? >> well, greta, that's one of the reasons i'm seriously considering this. two of our five neighboring states have no income tax, so, this is really important to our state. we also compete in a global economy, so, i'm very he well aware the lower your rates are, and best rate of all is zero and that's what we're trying to get to. >> greta: and have you spoken to governor jindal, he also this week said he wants to do essentially the same thing in his state. have you spoken to him? >> no, i've not. i saw bobby, oh, a couple of months ago, i wasn't aware that he was going to do this. i'm not surprised, many governors across the country are going to look at eliminating individual income tax if they do it. >> greta: i suspect i heard
10:36 pm
sean hannity, he may move to nebraska if he gets wind of this, or louisiana, because he has pretty stiff income-- state income tax . nice to see you, governor. coming up an unthinkable crime, a nine-year-old girl chained in a dark dungeon and 20 years later she's telling the store and you have to hear what former president clinton said about his wife. here is a hint, it has to do with a first husband. and in two minutes, no, it's not a king's palace, but a u.s. government official, it's costs 242,000 and your tax (dog) larry,larry,larrryyy. why take exercise so seriously,when it can be fun? push-ups or sprints? what's wrong with fetch? or chase?
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>> greta: the secretary of the interior, however it cost toss renovate the bathroom in the secretary's private office, you heard right, $222,000. and that's your tax money. andt >> what did you get for that? $3500 subzero refrigerator -- yes in the bathroom. and a faucet that cost $689. now, the renovations were done in 2007, under president george w. bush's administration. the interior secretary at the time was dirk kempthorn, the renovations were the product of an internal audit by the gsa. what do they have to say about the ridiculous interior department expenses? they noted a number of items called into question the need for luxurious materials. that's an understatement. what do you think about it? go to gretawire. nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my...
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10:42 pm
spent 17 days sexually abused and held captive in an underground dungeon. how she survived, after 20 years telling her incredible story. you'll hear from katie beers in a moment. first, a look at the kidnapping case. >> her harrowing story of abuse and imprisonment gripped 20 years ago this week. she was just nine years old when she was kidnapped. >> the defendant's behavior was premeditated, selfish and outrageous. >> it was in late december of 1992, and he claimed he want today rescue her from childhood abuse. couldn't rescue him from jail time and prosecutors say he imprisoned her when she spurned his advances. >> the act terrorized and frightened here, and some strange, perhaps warped way he believed in the end, benefitted from what he did. >> katie was a victim even
10:43 pm
before she was kidnapped and lived with god mother linda and linda's husband, who sexually abused katie and john esposito took her and kept her in an underground bunker for weeks. >> and she broke down and took the sand in the sex abuse trial and found guilty and faces up to 14 years in jail. >> and cowering, withdrawn, in shock child and-- >> this child was determined not only to survive, but to thrive and she has done just that. >> katie beers went on to graduate from college, get married and have children on her own. katie beers tells all in her new book "buried memories", she and her co-author join us, good evening to you.
10:44 pm
>> good evening, greta. >> greta: katie, the book, i mean, the crime is so unthinkable it's almost impossible to talk about it, but in reading your book and reading one of the quotes, you say being abducted was probably one of the best things that could have happened to me in my life. why do you say that? >> the reason for that statement is because it brought me to my support system, my parents, my therapist, it got me out of the abusive situation that i was in between the sexual abuse by my god mother's husband, by the emotional, physical abuse by my god mother herself. it got me out of that situation and into a stable environment where i can recover and go on with the childhood. >> greta: it's so interesting, the odds were so against you and what you've done with your life is so magnificent, i'm in awe of what you've done. i'm curious, how do you reach down in yourself after suffering 17 days in a dungeon, chained, sexually
10:45 pm
abused, not knowing if you're going to live or die and celebrating your own birthday there, why were you able to -- what is it about you what prevailed so magnificently? >> i think the abuse that i sustained throughout my entire childhood in a warped way prepared me for the abduction that was coming. it made me stronger. it made me street-wise and it ultimately, it, unfortunately, helped me get through everything. >> greta: karen, you met her mother, who neglected her. what did you think about her? >> yeah, i did. i interviewed marilyn beers her biological mother and i think in some ways, marilyn was, it was-- for motherhood and marilyn didn't physically or sexually abuse her child, a--
10:46 pm
she desperately and severely neglected her. she was a single mother, she was working two jobs, certainly not to excuse what she did, but in some ways all of these years later, marilyn has some resilience about her as well that in the book we talk about extensively, that's perhaps katie inherited some of her constitution, some of her thick skin, in a way, to marilyn beers. >> greta: katie, sal, the man who abused you first before you were kidnapped. he died in prison and john he is poe zito, he's still alive. any attempts to contact you, and or he's just gone. >> to my knowledge he's not tried to contact me. with that said my parents kept
10:47 pm
me so sheltered the first eight years, and carolyn contacted him for the book to see if he would be willing to do an interview, which he declined. >> yeah, and more than declining, he actually wrote back to me saying, really, once again saying it was about him, that you know, if we write this book, he katie writes this book his life will be made difficult and once again he was focused on himself. >> greta: katie, i guess we should give out a shout out to your foster parents after you went through this, they were the stabilizing factor and they became your family, they were wonderful people. >> they are amazing. >> greta: and indeed they are. the book is "buried memories" i didn't want to take you through the tortured events and the book people can read about it and i want today celebrate this ended up to be in a bizarre way a good story, you know, a story about success. carolyn, katie, thank you both. >> thank you, greta. >> you, too. >> greta: and straight ahead, it's not the message you
10:48 pm
usually hear from beauty pageant contestants. wait until you hear what miss d.c. has to say and you will. miss d.c. is here to tell you next. and also speaking of surprises, did you hear what former president bill clinton said about his wife, secretary at 1:45, the aflac duck was brought in with multiple lacerations to the wing and a fractured beak. surgery was successful, but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly sever months. so, if the duck isn't able to work,
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>> greta: tonight former first lady laura bush copying our five favorite social media postings of the day, posting a snowy day in dallas marks 100 days for the dedication event. bush center will open may 1, 2013. our friend byron york is home, cleaning out his closet. tweeting found my own metro card celebrating inauguration of barack obama. are they making them this time? a study shows most unhealthy dishes at u.s. chain restaurants, chicago tribune tweeting about one dish, cheesecake factory dish with 3,000 calories. what is it? shrimp pasta. butter, cream sauce. and a new starring role for
10:53 pm
miss alabama rose to fame cheering on her boyfriend aj mccarrin tweet sog excited to be choicen to cover super bowl 47 for "inside edition" in new orleans z on the record translation team has been working hard on this one. they determined this tweet says, my favorite cable news show is "on the record". okay. just kidding. but what are your five favorites of the day? follow me on twitter, send me your topics with hash tag, greta. >> i'm miss district of columbia... >> greta: rewralt queen using her time in the spotlight to convey an important message, announcing her plans to undergo a double mastectomy to reduce her chances of getting
10:54 pm
breast cancer, nice to see you good to see you. >> greta: you tweeted you were on our bucket list. you're on ours. >> well, great. >> greta: so you made a decision. why? >> well, my dad sat me down when i was 18 and brought the surgery up to me. i just lost my mom two years before. he said you need to be vigilant this, took your mom, your grandmother and great aunt. he brought up the idea first i was so taken back saying no, dad i'm not doing that. it's invasive surgery. and developing into the body i have now, but he looked at me and said you're going to end up dead like your mom. i was so taken back at that. because i just lost my mom. so difficult to deal with that. to have him be that brutally honest in my face but over time, you know, years gone by, i realized wisdom in the remark. he just wanted me to be alive. i found out my mom was diagnosed with stage three
10:55 pm
that almost killed heart 27. i'm almost 25 years old. i said this might be the right decision. >> greta: have you spoken to doctors and have you been tested to see whether or not you carry the gene that is a a.associated with breast cancer? >> yes. i'm one and two mutation negative but so is my mother. a lot of people say live a healthy life style but my mom was a marathon runner, lived in hawaii healthy as you can get. that didn't stop her from getting cancer. i can do something to decrease my likelihood upwards of 90% it's what i'm going to do. >> a lot of women would find great difficulty in a decision like that. an attractive young woman but you don't have the trouble, do you? >> no. i read an entry from my mom in her journal. she said i'm sorry to leave you. because you'll need me for many years, not just a few.
10:56 pm
and it put me in the position of what it was like to be my mom. and to struggle writing that letter to know she was going to lose her battle with breast cancer, leave her children and husband. i said i don't want that to be me. i can live my life without my breasts if that means i can live a long, healthy live with her family. my mom had one breast her life, it didn't stop her from being a good mom or wife. >> greta: i suspect you're gofg a suck sets sesful, great life. my hat goes off to you, good luck. >> thank you. >> greta: nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> hillary clinton calls bill clinton her first husband s there something we don't know? there something we don't know? president c c c c c [ale announcer ] staples is the number-one office superstore ink retailer in america. now t $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recyc when you spend $50 on hp in staples. th was easy.
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